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National Reso-Phonic Hot Plate Pickup - Hand Rubbed Nickel Finish

National Reso-Phonic Hot Plate Pickup - Hand Rubbed Nickel Finish

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If you can operate a screwdriver you can convert your National Guitar to be electric. Simply remove 9 screws on the stock coverplate and replace it with this Hot Plate system. The Hot Plate includes a replacement cone cover fitted with a Jason Lollar single coil Tele-style pickup, volume control and input jack. There is no modification needed to the instrument. Just have fun!

• Designed by National Reso-Phonic Guitars, Inc and Artist Mike Dowling
• Sieve hole Coverplate
• 1/4 inch output jack
• Lollar® Single Coil Tele-Style Pickup
• Passive Volume and Tone Controls
• Enlarged Coverplate Screw Holes for easy install
• Designed to replace National Style 9.5" Coverplate without modification to instrument
• Hand rubbed nickel finish (brass materials). Bright nickel finish also available.


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